Sunday, December 9, 2012

November 23, 1953 On Leaving Shikoku

Bonnie's photo album and notation

Diary Entry:  Nov. 23, 1953

"Supposed to be ready to leave hotel at 10:00.  Men started coming about 9:30. President of Convention (no English), Mori, Matsushita, one more.  Had tea.  Manager fixed chairs in grill for children a train.  Same manager gave Bobby a tiger on bamboo.  Mr. Mori came with candy toys for them.  Went into garden and took pictures of us.  Got in 2 cars & went to dock.  No tickets.  Made arrangements.  Conference paid B's ticket & hotel room.  All went on boat.  Saw our room.  Visited in lounge.  Pres. bought paper ribbons.     We threw them as we left.  They held them & waved until we were out of sight. 

Lovely sunny day.  In Kobe 4:30.  Home by 6:00.  Opened gifts after children in bed."

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