Saturday, December 8, 2012

November 22, 1953 B Delivers His Speech, Choosing Gifts, A Little Shopping and Sukiyaki

B, center back of photo, Bonnie's photo album and notation
Diary Entry:  Nov. 22, 1953

"B's day to speak at Conference on Group Dynamics.  Kita-san & I took children out early so he could study.  We went to zoo but could hardly see the animals for the children.  Tried playing on jungle gym.  Too many kids.  Climbed mountain & looked over city.  Matsushita came to have lunch with us.  Took us to choose gifts.  Ended up with glassed doll for each child, big glassed case of dolls, print of dancing & bamboo hanging.

Hotel wrapped so Kita-san could bring home.  Bob & Kita-san stayed at hotel to play with balls that old man brought him (keeps water hot).  B, Ann & I went downtown.  Ann rebelled against having picture made.  Found bell, incense burner, record and songbook.

Women working on street--fitting 
rocks in by hand--making mosaic-like street.

Had sukiyaki on floor.  Girl cooked it.  They moved out tables & spread mat on floor.  Brought in kerosene burner & cushions."

Tiny souvenir from Naruto, Nov. 21, 1953

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