Friday, December 7, 2012

November 21, 1953 The Next Day at Shikoku, Grey Sand Beaches, Naruto Park and Whirlpools

Diary Entry:  Nov. 21, 1953

"At breakfast waitresses commented on way I lapped kimono.  I changed it.  They laughed.  B left for meeting.  Kita-san read to children.  Old man saw them thru big window.  Brought Japanese comic books--then an American one.  Kita-san took the children for walk.  Ann ran back to room almost in tears.  "Mommy, you forgot my shoes."  Hotel girls gave them bamboo stick with paper mache tiger & red paper for luck on way out.  B came back with big bow on lapel.

Took car to Naruto to see whirlpool.  Stopped occasionally for pictures.

Sign:  Naruto National Park, Ochaen (Tea Park)

Climbed top of mt. to see where inland sea joins ocean.  Played on beach--nice gray sand.

Bought some shells.  Tokoshimu noted for beautiful girls--many in fields.  Back at 3:00.  B went to party at 4:30 (I declined invitation). B brought a calendar back (gift of governor to all conference). Children asleep.  We went to see folk dancing.  Gay and colorful costumes.  Invited men to dance with them.  Mr. Matsushita danced--used to dance with a group of semi-professionals."


  1. Lovely sandy beaches reminiscent of the beaches here in South Australia

    1. I would love to see them sometime!

  2. I know I touched on it in a previous comment, but I just have to say again how immensely crisp and vibrant the colours are in many of the photos from Japan. The first one in this post looks as though it very well could have been taken today.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend, dear Ann,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Kodachrome really performed well, especially outside in good light. When there isn't an object or a person in the photos, it seems as if they could have been taken today.


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