Thursday, December 6, 2012

November 20, 1953 The Trip to Shikoku and The International Conference on Group Dynamics

Diary Entry:  Nov. 20, 1953

"Left home with Brays.  Quick shopping trip to Daimaru in Kobe for cookies & gloves & bag.  Taxi to pier.  Waited for ferry.  2nd class tickets.  Kita-san discovered it was tatami.

Steward suggested lounge.  Stayed there for trip.  Very nice.  Steward brought tea immediately.  Looked over ship.  Mats laid out for rest time in tatami.  Watched mts., ships, villages.  Quiet sea, lovely day. 

At Komatsushima by 4:00 P.M.  Met by Mr. Matsushita.  Taken by car to Hotel Awa Kanda (Hirohita stayed last month).  Tea and bean cake served.  Left shoes at door.  Beautiful western rooms--one private bath.  Meals served in room--any menu.  Asked for meat, rice, veg.--got steak, rice, cooked onions, steamed cabbage, asparagus, mashed potatoes with carrots, lettuce & tea.

Reporters came for pictures & interviews.  Promised print (later brought).  Kita-san's room--tatamis, new mat, beautiful wall boards & bamboo walls, silk futon, hibachi in all rooms.  Rms. named for flowers.  Kita-san in cherry blossom room.  Mr. Matsushita came back later & planned our days."

NOTE:   Bonnie and B both were quoted as saying that Japan was a beautiful place.  B added that he is not accustomed to sitting on tatami yet, the rice was delicious, he is not so sure about sushi, and that Bobby was in kindergarten. 

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