Wednesday, December 5, 2012

November 16 - 19, 1953 Here Comes the Winter, The Levines Come for a Visit and Preparing for the Trip to Shikoku

All images from a favorite book, Here Comes the Winter, author unknown

Diary Entry:  Nov. 16, 1953

"Typed B's speech for Shikoku and made pies for supper.  Levines came at about 6:00.  B missed them at station.  They were on wrong train.  Ann fell against bathroom heater & burned her hand."

Translation:  One day in the autumn an old man was making straw shoes for his grandchildren because winter had already come to the top of the mountain.

Diary Entry:  Nov. 17, 1953

"B & Sol went to Kobe soon after lunch.  Ann was sick with a sore tummy but better by night.  Had a letter from Bill Shultz wanting to come for Saturday.  Card from Gogshall saying they are delayed till Saturday."

Translation:  The Mattress Made of Fallen Leaves.   At last all the leaves had fallen.  They made a mattress on the ground.  All the rabbits are making their homes warm.  All the squirrels are carrying their winter food to their homes.

Diary Entry:  Nov. 18, 1953

"B & Sol went to Osaka.  Mr. McKnight came to see Sol while we were having breakfast."

Translation:  The first frost came this morning.  Winter will come soon.  We made straw covers to keep the pine trees from freezing.  We can play whatever the weather is, but we must protect the trees from the chilly cold. 

Diary Entry:  Nov. 19, 1953

"Levines left mid-morning.  We went to the bus with them.  I hurried back to start packing.  Did some pressing, hand washing & finished getting clothes ready for Shikoku trip."  


  1. What delightful illustrations. Imagine that straw covers for the pine trees :o)

    1. I have found your comment at long last, and please accept my apologies for taking so very long to reply! I love those illustrations and the stories as well:-) And yes, I can only imagine straw covers for pine trees! Thanks so much for your happy comment!


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