Sunday, December 2, 2012

November 10 - 13, 1953 Christmas Cards, Supper with the Harbins and Long Underwear for the Cold Weather

 Diary Entry:  Nov. 10, 1953

"Went into Kobe with Rachel Stubbs.  Planned to go on train with Francis Bray but later went with Rachel.  Met Jane Teele.  Roy Teele gave talk on Noh play--very good.  Saw W.C. library--want book or money from every member.  Y.W.C.A. selling Xmas cards.  Welfare group selling flowers made by Russian woman--only livelihood."

Diary Entry:  Nov. 11, 1953

"It's cold.  Brrr!  Stayed home & inside all day.  B went to Osaka & came home with long underwear & a G.E. iron."

Diary Entry:  Nov. 12, 1953

"Spent the day getting ready for supper.  Harbins came to eat with us and we had a good time."

Diary Entry:  Nov. 13, 1953

"B went out early to take pictures of the maids leaving for a picnic.  Cold, rainy day.  Ann & I went to Brays & I sewed up some pillow cases.  Worked on Xmas letters after lunch.  Played with children.  Had a good green salad for supper.  Bob wore long underwear to school.  So proud." 

NOTE:  The orange mark at the bottom of each Christmas card is the stamp of the artist.  The cards are printed on rice paper, very thin and delicate over another soft paper. 


  1. Rice paper is usually so, so delicate and easy to accidentally damage. It's another testimony to what incredible (family keepsake/ephemera) preservationists your parents were (and in turn that you are) that these serenely beautiful Christmas cards are still with us today.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thank you Jessica! I wish my photographs did the cards justice--they are truly beautiful and delicate.


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