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December 9 - 12, 1953 Still Baking, Still Colds and A Little Shopping

 Diary Entry:  Dec. 9, 1953

"I went to Osaka with Winnie to Xmas shop.  Got tree ornaments & a few little things.  Ann really sick & feverish, seemed a little better when I got back.  B had E.S.S. here at 4:30."

 Diary Entry:  Dec. 10, 1053

"E.S.S. in afternoon."

 December 11, 1953

"Bob back in school.  Finally agreed to take a sandwich and mikan.  After lunch went with Winnie to Women's meeting at Kobe Union Church.  She was a hostess.  Had a nice Xmas program & then tea.  Women mostly poor--many German widows of Japanese men.  After tea got some meat & vegetables.  Winnie got to talking & drove toward Osaka."

Diary Entry:  Dec. 12, 1953

"The sun is still shining & it's not too cold.  Ann and I made some Xmas cookies while Bob was at school.  Then we gathered evergreens and made a centerpiece for the buffet.  Kita-san took children for a walk and I baked two more batches of cookies."

NOTE:  The small items pictured above really are small--none bigger than about 3" tall.  The first is a soy sauce pitcher, next a  porcelain figurine, the baby bird is a toothpick holder, and the clay owl is a whistle.

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  1. My favourite item is the clay owl because I have been a lifelong collector of all things owl.


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