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December 30 - 31, 1953 Lacquer, Cloisonne and Mochi (Rice Cakes)

Jan., 1954 Silver Bells magazine

Diary Entry:  Dec. 30, 1953

"All of us and Kita-san went to Kyoto. Looked at furs.  Ate lunch & children started to zoo.  Soon came back to meet us at Ineba Cloisonne.

Zoo closed for New Year holiday.  Lovely cloisonne.

Walked to lacquer factory & back to Yamamoto.  Bought brocade bag.  Came on homeBob met kindergarten friend on bus.  He came with us to play.  Went home at dark.  Invited him to come back.  His name was Shiro-chan Ono."

Diary Entry:  Dec. 31, 1953

"Shiro-chan & brother here to play before breakfast was over.  Stood in front calling "Bobby-chan".  Played till lunch.  Mr. Jelliffe & Angela brought us cookies.  B went out to find pictures of mochi making.  Shiro-chan back to play after nap.  Snowed a bit."

NOTE:  Mochi are sticky rice cakes and are made by pounding glutinous rice and forming into shapes.  They are a popular part of  Japanese New Year's feasts.

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