Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 26 - 29, 1953 Resting After Christmas, Looking for Books, Watch Your Fires and Souvenirs from Kobe

Diary Entry: Dec. 26, 1953

"Children tired but still busy with toys.  Took tree down this morning.  A quiet day & I got a good nap."

Diary Entry: Dec. 27, 1953

"A quiet day.  Stayed inside & didn't do much all day."

Diary Entry:  Dec. 28, 1953 

"B went to Kyoto to hunt books.  Found only 2 but found Schultz's house.  Invited them down.  McKnight's came to visit awhile.  Have heard yelling for several nights.  Kita-san finally explained it was boys watching for fires calling "Hi no-yo yin" (watch your fires).  Olden times an old man did it for pension.  Now volunteer boys do it.  From Edo period."

Diary Entry:  Dec. 29, 1953

"Went to Kobe.  Found some tiles & some fans.  Also found some cute chashi oki (chopstick rests)."



  1. I think so too! They are very different--one is a delicate silk, the other is paper.


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