Sunday, December 23, 2012

December 23, 1953 The Missionary Row Children's Christmas Pageant

They were welcomed by the dolls of candy land.  The place was beautifully decorated with candy and sweets.  The people decided to give them a big party...

Diary Entry:  Dec. 23, 1953

"Soon after lunch Teruko-san and I made nut bread sandwiches for the party Harbins and Belshes will give for missionary families in row. 

The program for the Children's Christmas Pageant

Rehearsal at 4:30 & party at 7:00.  E.S.S. boy, Yamata, brought B a dictionary & Ann a stuffed cat for Xmas.  At party Bob was H in spelling Christmas.

Then was shepherd, wise man & king in pageant.  Ann was angel & then dressed in white sari to be Indian child.  I wore Frances Bray's red sari.  Made costume for Ann from old pillowcase & tissue paper wings.  Combed her hair down.  She looked like pictures of Xmas angels.  Served cookies, coffee & cool-aid, hard candies.  Party was a huge success.  Winnie gave each child a sack of Xmas toys & candy."

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