Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21, 1953 The Nice, Quiet Party with E.S.S. Students

Mary was really dreaming.  She and the nut cracker doll changed into a prince and a princess.  He invited her to go to the country of candy.  So they went through the pasture of sugar candy, the woods of oranges and by the river of lemonade...

Diary Entry:  Dec. 21, 1953

Chiffon Cake, 1953
"Made a chiffon cake to send to church for R&R program.  Made another batch of cookies.  After kids in bed we went to Takarazuka to a dance for E.S.S.  Lovely round ballroom with springing floor (only one in Orient), huge Xmas tree, beautiful paper decorations.  E.S.S. had also invited Indian, Chinese & Palestinian students from Kinki University.  Nice, quiet party--no chaperones (one mother on side)."

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  1. This cake sounds so wonderfully yummy! My maternal grandma used to make the most scrumptiously lovely orange chiffon cake. She rarely shares her recipes (no idea why), so I don't have it, but I've found a couple in 1950s cookbooks before that I think are pretty much the same (and as my mom says she remember her mom making it since she was a little girl, my grandma's recipe probably is from the 50s).

    Thank you very much for your recent blog comments, dear Ann, I really appreciate them and hope you're having a jubilant holiday celebration!

    ♥ Jessica


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