Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 20, 1953 A Visit with Dr. Arai, Tea with E.S.S. Students and Teruko-san is Baptized

Diary Entry:  Dec. 20, 1953

"After lunch Kita-san took Ann & Bob to the zoo while B & I went to Dr. Arai's house for tea. Mrs. A teaches in Kobe Commerce College & had her E.S.S. students for tea.  B told them about American schools & they asked questions.

Had coffee, cake, sandwiches (bread & butter), nuts & cookies, mikan & apples.  Mr. A. took pictures of all.  Boys left & we talked longer about Japanese schools.  Mr. A feels schools need great improvement.

Teruko-san was baptized today."

She sang, danced, and then went to bed to sleep soundly.  Suddenly, she woke up, put on her slippers and went to see her nut cracker doll.  There was a blue light and the dolls were fighting with rats.  She threw her shoes at the rats...   

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