Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 1953 A Christmas Card and Note Home

December 17, 1953

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"There isn't any news to write but we wanted you to have the pictures before Christmas.  Christmas certainly brings home and family to ones heart even if we can't be together in person.

We are all well and happy and the experiences we are having are ones which we'll never forget.  But every day makes me realize how fortunate Americans are and how foolish we are to take everything for granted.  We take for granted all the things we have or could have if we had the money to buy them and we take for granted that our next door neighbor is a Christian of one sort or another.  It is so different here.  So many people have so little.  Kita-san commented sadly the other night that Japan needed a common belief.

Both Bob and Ann have grown a great deal.  Ann sleeps well now so I really feel rested.  It is nice to stay home in the evenings and not have to rush to get someplace.  All this rest and the good food Teruko-san fixes is fattening me up.

We have a nice tree, all trimmed and have a turkey ordered for our Christmas dinner.  Hang another icicle on your tree for us and have a good Christmas."

                              We'll be sending you all our love,


NOTE:  I am told that there is a Japanese word, "Shiwasu", that is the old name for December and means, "Even teachers are running".   December is thought to be the busiest month in Japan.  It certainly appears to be true as we see Bonnie's next diary entries becoming very brief during this busy time.  Special thanks to Yuko Ikeda at Kwansei Gakuin  for this information!

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  1. That Christmas card is so charmingly sweetly beautiful! Would you believe it, for all the vintage I've collected over the years, it wasn't until just a few days ago that I got my first genuinely vintage Christmas card as an adult (and it's unsigned one, to boot!), which a sweet friend (and fellow vintage collector) sent me.

    ♥ Jessica


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