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December 13 - 17, 1953 Looking at Toys, Getting a Tree, Arranging Painting Lessons, A Welcome Reception at Bates House and Bob was a Shepherd

Image in Santa's Toy Shop, a Golden Book, 1950
Diary Entry:  Dec. 13, 1953

"Took children to Osaka to see toys.  Daimaru had a bowing Santa Claus.  Newsmen took children's picture while they were looking at toys."

Interesting image from the Dec. Kinderbook, The Nutcracker Doll.  More to come.

Diary Entry:  Dec. 14, 1953

"Walked to tennis courts with children to see tree Sumi-san said we could have.  B went Xmas shopping in Kobe.  Bought tree in Kotoen and children decorated it after supper."

Diary Entry:  Dec. 15, 1953

"Went to Women's Club.  Japanese women arranged program of Japanese music by musicians from music school.  Three instruments--Samasen, Koto and flute-like bamboo instrument.  Interesting and very different.  Koto played by plucking strings with long ivory nails.  Japanese women served a lovely tea.  Rachel & I arranged to take painting lessons from Japanese woman."

Diary Entry:  Dec. 16, 1953

"Small group of E.S.S. today.  B finished most of our Xmas shopping in Osaka."

Diary Entry:  Dec. 17, 1953

"Board of Trustees gave a welcoming luncheon for us today at Bates Kwan.  Had my first taste of eel, without knowing it--it was delicious.  

Bob was a shepherd in a Xmas play the kindergarten gave at Middle School.  Went to bed singing Japanese songs.  Ann invited to a party at Teele's.  E.S.S. came for party & brought flowers.  Invited us to two Christmas parties."

NOTE:  Bates House on campus was the former home of C.J.L Bates, the fourth president of the University from 1920-1940.  The house was, and still is, used as a guest house.     

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