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September 29 - October 2, 1953 Bobby Goes to Kindergarten, Buying China, Yard Work and The Furoshiki

Diary Entry:  Sept. 29, 1953

"Bobby to 1st day at kindergarten.  Jimmy Bray came to go with him.  They pull off their shoes & put slip-on shoes on before going in.  Paid 1000 yen entrance fee, 995 yen education fee.  Went to Kobe to get Bobby a lunch  box and furoshiki, material for his chair pillow.  Made his pillow by candlelight--still no electricity.  Bought beautiful set of china today,  Damascene Japanese scenery pattern."

Diary Entry:  Sept. 30, 1953

"Fixed Bob's lunch to take to school--rice, cubes of steak, boiled egg & raw prunes.  Went off to school alone but happy with his lunch, crayons, scissors & pillow all in his furoshiki.  Jimmy came after Bob had left then came to play soon after naps.  Gardeners working on yard again today.  Put in new bulbs, transplanted berries."

"Whatever is bought is tied into a large, square cloth called a furoshiki.  The furoshiki is used instead of a paper bag.  It comes in all sizes and is used by all Japanese adults and children for carrying everything."
(Dragon-fly Land:  Japan, by Bonnie Belshe, 1955.)

Diary Entry:  Oct. 1, 1953

"A busy day.  Left house at 8:45 and went to Shikigawa with Mrs. Stubbs to a committee meeting to help organize Girl Scouts at Canadian Academy.  Home about 12:30 after stopping at Kitaguchi & selecting curtains for B's study.  Woman coming tomorrow to clean & wash.  Met Dr. Amaka, law professor at University.  Spent some time in U.S. Electricity at last."
Diary Entry:  Oct. 2, 1953

"Went to Brays and stitched sheets.  Bob took raw rice & 30 yen for a birthday party at school.  His description of sushi was wonderful.  "Tiny little candy fish with seed eyes that sounded like your teeth were cracking when you bit one & water ran out"-- (fish are pickled).  "White fish with black eyes.  So good, everyone had seconds", including Bob.  He took a spoon--others used chopsticks.  Had puppet show & played.  Went with Mrs. Stubbs to first Scout meeting at Canadian Academy.  Taught boys & girls "Paw Paw Patch".

NOTE:  Use this link for the history of the Canadian Academy:

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  1. Fifty nine years later I still prefer rice to potatoes, and really enjoy sushi. This is a great example of the power of acquiring cultural habits as children.


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