Tuesday, November 13, 2012

October 6 - 8, 1953 Raising the Tree, Changing Temperatures, Teruko-san Comes and Views of the Flooding

Preparing to raise the tree after typhoon

Diary Entry:  Oct. 6, 1953

"Worked all day getting bedroom curtains up.  Invited to go to Kobe but wasn't even cleaned up.  Missionary women are always ready to go somewhere.  Took home Mrs. Outerbridges' pillows.  Washed nylons.  About time to put them away.  Days are hot, nights are cold.  Gardeners actually got up the big tree and other small trees.  Went to Teele's for supper." 

Diary EntryOct. 7, 1953

Rice straw tatami mats we brought home
"Letter to Phyllis & Mildred and accomplished a lot in the house.  Ann took a good nap.  Van Harbin brought Teruko-san to see us & she is coming to work soon. Came back later to clean tatamis.  Went to Harbins for dinner &  had a marvelous Southern dinner.  Such good company & a lovely home."

Teruko-san & Bobby
Diary Entry:  Oct. 8, 1953

"Bobby cried about going to school so we let him stay home.  Jimmy has been out so he feels alone I guess.  Sent a note to teacher & took children to Kyoto--1-1/2 hrs. on train.  No one at Fulbright office but met Kitters on the street.  Bought an iron but didn't find much else.  Saw flood waters left over from typhoon near Kyoto.  Water in new houses.  People in boats prodding the water with sticks hunting for things.  Others standing beside a piece of furniture just waiting.  Rice hanging to dry.  Much rice still to be harvested.  All neighborhood stood around and watched while we bought the iron.  I gave them some chocolate--loved it."

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