Monday, November 12, 2012

October 3 - 5, 1953 Judging Speeches, Mastering Chopsticks and The Kobe Women's Club

The medallion given to the contest judges

Diary Entry:  Oct. 3, 1953

"Went to University at 9:30 to meet judges for All Japan English Speaking Contest.  25 contestants from all Japan.  One judge from Mainichi newspaper.  Others from University.  Speeches began at 10:00.  All judges introduced.  Told that I had Bachelor of Surgery degree.  Speeches till noon.  Lunch at home & back at 1:00.  Decided winners in room while having cake & coffee.  Mr. Teele gave constructive criticism to group.  I read winners and Mr. Hironaga of Mainichi presented certificates of awards and cups.  Then students presented judges with flowers & Mainichi gave each a gift (me a furoshiki) & school gave each a medal.  Then a session of pictures for press.  Rushed home.  B went off to a tea but Ann wanted me to stay home.  Bathed children for dinner with Outerbridges.  Saw colored slides after a wonderful dinner." 

Diary Entry:  Oct. 4, 1953

"Planned to take pictures but too cloudy. Mr. Jelliffe & Angela came by.  After naps we walked to Nigawa & took train to Kitagutchi just to see what was there.  Cooked rice for supper & children discovered how to use chopsticks--so exciting."

The family chopsticks

Diary Entry:  Oct. 5, 1953

"In to Kobe to OSS.  They will send out goods.  Ate lunch at OSS snack bar.  Shopped in Kobe.  Invited to tea at Jelliffe's.  Bought some silk pongee.  Must cut B's curtains for study.  Had an invitation to join Kobe Women's Club."

NOTE:  The cookbook has been well-used for many years and has some interesting international recipes that I will post later.


  1. Ann I will look forward to upcoming 'interesting international recipes' but I have never managed to master chopsticks. My daughter uses them as though she was born to it.

  2. Great to hear from you! I still think chopsticks are fun, but not when I'm really hungry! Not sure when I'll get the recipes posted, but I can alert you. Thanks for reading!


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