Wednesday, November 21, 2012

October 23 - 24, 1953 The Neighborhood Party, The Battledore and The Interview

Diary Entry:  Oct. 23, 1953

"Called on Mrs. Outerbridge to accept her apology for not taking me to the museum.  Went to see what Winnie wanted me to do at her party tonight.  She sent me to McKnight's.  Spent afternoon pressing clothes to model at Winnie's party.  Selected blue tweed suit, green suit, gold dress, green dress & Sari.  We all dressed up & went at 7:30.  Missionary row was there.  Community sing, a take off on station meeting by older children, 2 colored film strips for little ones--Pokey Little Puppy and Little Zip-Zip, then Mrs. McKnight, Mrs. Jeffreys & I modeled some of our clothes.  Sari made a hit.  I showed how to tie it.  Ice cream & cake--home late but lots of fun." 

Diary Entry:  Oct. 24, 1953

"Puttered morning away.  Went up to Brays to ask them for supper.  Children came & played in our yard.  Bob still enjoying his bike.  Winnie came to visit after lunch & then I went over to her house to borrow Halloween costumes.  She gave me a battledore.

B was interviewed for the school newspaper."

NOTE:  Battledore is a game played much like badminton with a racket and shuttlecocks.  The Japanese battledore is a wooden paddle with decorative silk on the outside surface.  The shuttlecocks are very light weight wooden knobs with feathers and a bell on top.

Translation notes:  We love the description of Dad  in the article:  -handy w/camera
-danced the tanko-bushi
-built radios
-not like the other stiff foreign profs.
-kind, simple-hearted
-very popular
-friendly to everyone
-likes Tchaikovsky especially Swan Lake
-also likes Beethoven and Mozart
-wonderful father
-kind to wife
-a playful person, full of fun and mischief
-loves Kyoto
-surprised by # of students who speak English

Special thanks to my friend, Sachie, for providing us with the gist of the article. 


  1. What an amazing blog!
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  2. Thanks so very much and I hope you continue to enjoy your travel and learning experiences!


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