Tuesday, November 20, 2012

October 21 - 22, 1953 A Beautiful Day for the Festival

Visitors at the Heian Shrine

Diary Entry:  Oct. 21, 1953

"Finally got to Kitaguchi and got material for bedroom curtains.  Bob refused to go to school after I had his lunch ready.  Has been sharing his new bike nicely.  Ann's car came.  She was shy about riding in it.

Basted curtains.  B registered at police box.
Man came before 9 AM to talk about B's lecturing in Shikoku.  B agreed to go.  More information on it later."

Diary Entry:  Oct. 22, 1953

"Beautiful day for the big festival at Heian Shrine, Kyoto.  Took early train & met by Kitters at station.  Went to their house.  Japanese style of living & tiny, sleep & eat on floor.  Short visit, walked to silk factory.  Man thought we wanted to see them print. 
Silk scarf from the Kyoto Kigyo Silk Mill

Even brought buckets of dye to show. Had no show room.  Back to Kitters for Japanese lunch & then taxi to see parade.  On way saw women washing dyed cloth in river.  Had it spread out to dry.  Got children seated on curb to see parade.  Shop keeper brought us chairs & benches.  Fabulous parade.  B took lots of pictures.  Took car to a Japanese store looking for silk.  Found beautiful silk.  To Daimaru for ice cream.  Student rode on train beside me & talked & talked to Osaka.  After dark when we got home."

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