Sunday, November 18, 2012

October 17 - 19, 1953 The Gingko Tree, The Haircut, The Two Wheeler and The Little Car

Gathering fruit from the Gingko tree
Diary Entry:  Oct. 17, 1953

Kobe College
"Cut another stencil for B.  Put a swing up for the children in the Gingko tree.  Walked to Kobe College to a tea for Jelliffs.  Kita-san went along to entertain the children. Took us through the rice paddies.  I looked so silly walking there all dressed up.  

Polite little boys came asking for gingko fruit--watched B teaching Kita-san to play mumble-peg."
Diary Entry:  Oct. 18, 1953

"Left early for Osaka hoping to find drapery material.  No light cottons anywhere.  Went to Hankyu first so B & Bobby could get haircuts.  Bob went after a burr which Japanese call army cut.  He came out with a cut like all Japanese children but he looks sweet.  Barber asked B if he should shave Bobby.  B had shave, cut & shampoo all for one price.  Bought Bobby a two wheeler.  Ann put on a show for a big audience.  She sat in little car, honked & talked.  Old & young gathered around."

Diary Entry:  Oct. 19, 1953

"Got up with sore throat.  Spent morning mending & polishing shoes.  Took long rest after lunch, played with children.  Walked up to Brays but she had gone to choir practice.
Letter to Sorensens."

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