Friday, November 30, 2012

November 6 - 7, 1953 Rice Fields, Flowers Still Blooming and Playing Rook

Diary Entry:  Nov. 6, 1953

"Cold but sunny day.  Bob at school so I entertained Ann all morning.  B went out & took pictures of rice fields today. 

Flowers still blooming in our yard.

Ann's nose running.  I started to wipe it.  She said, "Leave it alone.  That's the way the Japanese children do."

Diary Entry:  Nov. 7, 1953

"Cut a long stencil.  B went to Kobe College to hear Dr. Jelliffe give a lecture on poetry.  I made a cake.  Gave Teruko-san my suit material.  She measured me. Measurements interesting--around neck, shoulders, around wrist besides ordinary measurements.  Went to Harbins & played Rook after children in bed." 

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