Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 2 - 3, 1953 Cold Weather and The Kwansei Gakuin University's Endokai

Torch Bearers Opening the Games
Diary Entry:  Nov. 2, 1953

"Our first really cold day.  Had some fire all day.  Wind blew last night like a baby typhoon.  Poor little crocuses all blown over today.  Spent most of day indoors.  Cut a stencil of a map showing how to reach the Belshe's from Kobe, Osaka or Kyoto.  Will send it to our friends.  Children amazed us at dinner table with their Japanese.  Ann imitates Teruko-san exactly."

Opening ceremonies

Diary Entry:  Nov. 3, 1953

"Wonderful fall day for University Endokai (athletic meet).  Torch bearers opened meet by carrying lighted torches from old University site in Kobe to Kwansei Gakuin.  Torches put in baskets on tripods by stage to burn out.  Chapel service.  Looked at some club exhibits (posters, pictures, etc.)  Student took my picture while we looked at exhibits.  We must have had our pictures taken 50 times.  Cameras clicked all day.  Home for lunch.

Helicopter & plane flew over with leaflets all day.  Races, wrestling, sword fighting going on all day.  Day ended at dark with masked parade."

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