Wednesday, October 10, 2012

September 27, 1952 Another Shot, A Wonderful Time, Two Falls, The Cabinet and The Suit

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Bobby is at school and we are going to school for a while tonight so I'll see if I can write now even if Ann is talking as fast as she can.  I am seeing Dr. Ball again this afternoon but I doubt if he'll dismiss me although I really think he's found the trouble.  Since the shot I have been fine and my face is so much better.  I get another shot today and he'll probably want to check me again after it has time to work.  I didn't develop a bad cold at all and the children are fine now.  I had some cold but not much.  There have been lots of colds here and still cases of polio although the Drs. say it is letting up now. 

The children are doing fine with our new girl.  Tonight is the first night we have left them but we've told them & Bob will get along fine.  I just wonder how Ann will act if she wakes up & I know she will.  She has been awake a lot since our vacation at home.

We had a wonderful time with Bernadine & her family & I think they did too.  Bobby & Randy talked & giggled in their beds until 10 o'clock.  I didn't do any extra special work or cooking at all.  We just had a good time.  They got here about 6:00 on Sat. & left almost that late Sun.

I had to stop writing and now that the children are asleep I'll try again.  Ann fell out of the hammock next door & pushed her teeth thru her lip or else cut it on both the inside and outside with her teeth.  That was yesterday & today I let her fall on the couch and cut it again in the same place.  I felt so sorry for her & she looked at me like she wondered why I let her get hurt.  The swelling has gone down now, though and it will heal fast. 

I had my shot this afternoon & am doing fine.  I still have to keep a temperature chart, two months in all & take my temp. every day.  From that, he can really tell if we're on the right track & then I have to have another shot in a month or sooner if I get those tired days.

I'm glad you like the cabinet.  You certainly couldn't have had one built for that price.  Did you order the same one in the ad I sent or pick out another one?  There have been lots of T.V. cabinets advertised.  That front panel can be fixed up.  B will see what he can do.  He thinks he has most of the stuff for the record player too, so if he has the time he'll get it fixed up for you.

My suit is almost done & I think it will look all right.  The lining is pinned in all ready to sew by hand,  the lining has to be hemmed & then I'll work buttonholes on my machine.  There is much more work in a suit than you think.  A nice one is worth $75. but of course I wouldn't want to give that for one.

I looked for a dress today but couldn't find any I would have.  I'll probably make one.  We are going to a tea on Sunday but I'll have to wear something from last year.

I had better get dressed.  It is almost time for our sitter to come and I haven't done a thing toward dressing."

                    Lots of love,


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