Wednesday, October 10, 2012

September 20, 1952 Wonderful Experiences, A Student Girl, Scalding Peaches, Coming Along Fine and The Fish All Died

Dear Mother & Daddy,            

"The children are in bed and I am going soon. Their colds are about gone but I am taking it so I want to get as much rest as I can.

Bernadine and her family will be here tomorrow evening to stay all night and Sun. but I'm not going to do anything extra except cook more, of course.  I have the house almost cleaned so won't do much to it at all tomorrow except change sheets.  It will be nice to have them.

Bobby loves school.  I kept him home this week until yesterday & today.  We had wondered if he'd want to stay at home & not go back but he didn't say a word about getting ready and was all excited about going again.

We were glad to have the article about the new Superintendent at Springfield.  We don't know him at all--never heard of him.

I hope you have been scalding all the peaches you are canning.  It really works wonderfully if you have boiling water & is so much faster.  I'll never peel another peach to can.  Granny Watterson taught me that.

I'm like you about the radio cabinet.  I can't wait for you to get it to see how it is.  It won't be much deeper than ours.  Ours is 18".  B says he'll fix you a record player to go with it, too, if you want one--nothing fancy but a three speed one which will play any kind of record.

My suit is coming along but is so much work--it isn't worth it.  I am still not sure it will look good enough to wear out but haven't spent anything on it yet except my time.  I'm ready to put the collar & facings & then I'll know what it looks like. 

We had waffles, bacon & sausage, coffee & apple pie when Sorensens came for supper last Sunday.  That is what we had the night before they left for Pakistan, too.  They really had wonderful experiences.  It is too much to write about but I'll remember to tell you sometime.

I have a student girl to come for two hours twice a week to help with the children.  She takes care of them so I don't have to stop work to see what they are doing.  This was her first morning & I was real pleased.  Ann & Bob both stayed with her & played & I got lots of work done.  I think this will be better than getting a girl to work.  I spend all my time showing them what to do.

Our fish have all died and the boy next door gave us two minnows that he caught in the creek.  They are real cute and so far are doing fine.

I had better get to work on a grocery list.  We'll be anxious to hear about the radio cabinet."

                     Lots of love,


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