Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 4, 1952 The Pressing Matters, Just Passing Through and Flatly Refusing

 Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We had a frost last night & it has been real nippy for several days after being really hot for a few.  Last Sunday it was so hot & sticky.  We went to a tea and there were all kinds of clothes there--from white shoes & thin dresses to black wool suits.  I wore the gold dress with the pleats.  My black suit is finally done except for pressing.  I took it to the cleaners in hopes that they would give it a real good press job but they hardly pressed it at all.  I took it back but couldn't get it done over until next week so I'm going to do it myself.  I want to wear it to the tea for all new faculty people on Sunday.  I have material for a dress & have it cut but that's all.  I'll send a scrap if I can remember it.  It is tissue faille.  I wanted nylon but couldn't find a color I wanted.  I have a Vogue pattern like the lt. blue dress in last month's Journal.

Today is Beulah's birthday.  I had a card & package ready to mail yesterday but walked right out of the house & forgot to mail it until today.  I had put it up so Ann wouldn't tear it open, so didn't even see it.

What did the Dr. do about the penny Maxine's baby swallowed?  Was it caught or why were they so worried?  Smooth objects like that usually pass right thru.

Washington University & St. Louis U have both had big ads in the Post Dispatch about their night classes.  It's a wonderful opportunity & I'm so glad Buddy is going.  Isn't Ruth's baby past due?  I've been wondering about it.

I've been trying to get Bobby to go to Sunday School but so far he flatly refuses no matter what I suggest.  Ann is too little--they won't take her until she's three but I'm still going to try to get Bob started.  He likes school, though.  They sing, listen to stories & tell stories besides painting & dozens of other things.  Bobby told them a big story about whales yesterday his teacher said.

I want to sew a little so Bye for now."

                  Lots of love,

The lt. blue dress is last month's Journal (Sept., 1952)

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