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October 18, 1952 The Town is Buzzing, The Penny is Caught, The Recipe is Entered and Bonnie is Behind

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is late for them but we just got the children in bed.  They both have colds so Bob was home from school today.  He slept most of the afternoon & Ann had a good nap too.  This is Homecoming weekend at the University & the town is buzzing.  We drove around after supper to see all the decorated houses and then went to the bonfire awhile.  The students build a big fire and sing around it until it goes out.  This was as big as a house.  Bob and Ann were really impressed.  B is speaker for the Math Club breakfast in the morning, the big parade starts at 9:00.   I wish you could be here for all this just once.  It is something to see.  The parade will have 27 bands in it besides all the floats.

I had a good letter from Beulah this week.  She sounded so happy in spite of all the apples she had stocked in the kitchen to can.

We sent Francis's baby a book like Bobby's.  The cover has been changed and isn't as pretty as Bobby's but the inside is the same.  You remember all the things in it?

Have the doctors had to do anything about the penny Maxine's baby swallowed?  Was it caught or why didn't it go on thru?

I wish I had some of Beulah's apples.  They are still really too high to buy but we've had a few pies.  I want a bushel, though when they get cheaper.  I entered my apple pie recipe in the Pillsbury Contest.  Wouldn't it be fun if I won a trip to N.Y. or even a sack of flour for that matter?

B says he'll send you a template one of these days so you can fix your radio cabinet.  He hadn't had a chance to do anything about the veneer.

I think you are wise to forget the television for a while.  They are going to be a lot better one of these days.

Speigels has nylon punched sheer material in a sales book for $1.09.  Would you like me to send you the page from the catalog?

I've sewed a little on my dress this week but not much.  By the time I get the children to bed I'm too tired to sew and Ann's tummy upset & now her cold has kept her up so much.

I'm so behind with my magazines that I think I'll read some tonight."

               Lots of love,


NOTE:  The images above are from The Index, 1952, the ISNU yearbook.

I don't have the apple pie recipe, but if memory serves, the pie included toasted walnuts, raisins and a double crust that had a maple glaze of some sort.   The winning recipe in the Pillsbury Bake-off of 1952 was "Snappy Turtle Cookies".  If you're really interested, here's the recipe:

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