Sunday, October 14, 2012

November 8, 1952 Leftover Jobs, Wine Velveteen, More Energy, All Girls Should Have Measles and A Doll Bed

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I am so sleepy I don't know whether I can stay awake very long or not.  We have stayed up late every night this week and it is catching up on me.  It is always so late by the time I get the children in bed and then do the odd jobs that are left over.

I made Ann a dress this week and it took a lot of time.  I took that wine velveteen suit I used to have and made one out of it.  She is so proud of it and it looks so cute.

We all went to church last Sunday and I decided she needed something a little nicer than she has had if we are going to church.  I went to the nursery and stayed with the children.  Bob says he is going to Sunday School this Sunday but I wonder.

I hope your glasses feel better by now.  What do they look like?

My complexion is much better.  I'm satisfied with it but still can't eat eggs.  I'm still taking shots and vitamins and have gained a little weight.  I have more energy now that I've had in a long time but Dr. Ball still hasn't dismissed me.

Bobby has been exposed to measles at school.  The Dr. thinks he is immune so we aren't going to do anything about it.   If he does take them it would probably be a light case.  Then we'd give Ann a shot so she'd have a light case too.  He thinks it would be all right even if they do get them and believes that all girls should have measles when they are little.

Your letter hasn't come yet but I hope you are all fine.  It is only seven weeks before Xmas and we'll be home.  Time goes so fast.  B's mother wrote that Mr. Thompson was making Ann a doll bed.  It's a good idea & Ann will like it but I forgot to tell them so before B sealed their letter.  I'm doing pretty well with my Xmas list & hope to finish before long."

               Lots of love,


NOTE:  The doll bed is pictured above.  Bonnie made the quilts, sheets, pillow cases and coverlet for it, pictured below.

The doll was Bonnie's when she was a little girl, and she later gave it to me.  It always wore my newborn clothes, as pictured, and its eyes haven't been opened in decades.  It resides in the bed, safe in the attic after serving duty for my now-grown daughters.


  1. Oh my goodness. What treasures to have -- the doll and all that handmade bedding. I'm so glad your daughters played with her, too! Do your daughters have children who would appreciate this sweet doll?


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