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November 29, 1952 Measles Confirmed, A Nice Thanksgiving, Piling Up Ironing, Keeping Down Food and Picking Out Nuts

Good Housekeeping, Dec., 1951
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is really cold and we had our first snow last night--just a light one.  I haven't been out of the house the last two weeks enough to know how cold it really is but it was 13 this morning.  Bobby broke out with the measles Friday night and Saturday.  He felt pretty bad Friday but felt fine Sunday & Monday.  His fever was back & he had an earache Tuesday so the Dr. came back and found an abscess in his ear.  It had just started but took two shots of penicillin to knock it.  B took Bob to the Doctor's office to be checked today and he's all clear now and ready to go back to school.  Ann hasn't any signs of the measles and it will be safe to take her out Sunday or Mon. if she doesn't show any signs of them by then.  I wish she'd have them and get it over with.

We had such a nice day yesterday.  The children felt good and were happy all day.  We had a real Thanksgiving dinner--even turkey.  Of course, we're still eating it too.  It was one of the small breeds that they grow now so weighed just a little over six pounds.  Ann ate olives for her dinner.  When we were almost through eating she said, "I don't like olives."  I counted her seeds and there were 14 and she had one in her mouth.

I need a permanent so badly and just hope Toni can find time to give me one before we come home.  I have ordered material for Ann two dresses but I wonder if I can get them done before we come home.   One is to be smocked and I'll be slow with that for it has been a long time since I've smocked anything.  My ironing has piled up so much with the children sick as well as everything else but I hope to get the ironing done tomorrow. 

Granny Gibson has been about to die but is lots better.  She had an obstruction in her digestive tract--so they thought and was going to have an operation.  The diagnosis was changed though and she has been keeping food down.  We really don't know what is wrong but know that for the time being she is all right and will be home from the hospital in a few days.

Our short vacation has been so welcome.  It seems like this fall has been so busy and tiring--never a minute to stop at school or at home.

I've got all the making for the fruitcake now and when I can get the nuts picked out I'll bake it.  It takes two pounds and that's quite a chore.

My Christmas cards are coming along nicely.

Let me know if Buddy & Bessie are planning to be home Christmas and we won't go thru Webster if they are."

             Lots of love,



  1. A timely reminder that I must get organised with making my fruitcake for Christmas.

    1. Thankfully I usually receive one from someone as a gift, and have never made a "real" one. Maybe I'll give it a try this year!


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