Monday, October 15, 2012

November 22, 1952 Breaking Out, Bribed to Blow, Printing Cards, Bonnie Needed To Get Out of the House and Escargot

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The children have been sick with awful colds all week and now we think Bob may be breaking out with the measles.  We aren't sure but so many children in his room at school have them that he probably does too.  He felt so good yesterday that we thought it was just a cold but he really has felt bad today.  Ann is better but coughs terribly & the little rascal won't blow her nose so doesn't get rid of it very fast.  She has always been so good about blowing her nose before but won't now unless I practically bribe her.  The doctor is coming tomorrow to check them.

Bob went to Sunday school last Sunday and was happy as could be about it.  Ann's cold was running good so we couldn't all to to church.  B stayed at home with the children and I went.  Now we'll have to miss for a while and I hate it just when we got the children interested. 

We are making block print cards (printed with a design cut out of linoleum) and I have one design ready to print.  I may have to cut more on it after I try it out and it may not even suit me but it is ready to try.  I want to do it right away so I'll have time to improve it if I have to.  I haven't bought any cards at all in hopes that I can make them all.

Maybe you can come home with us Xmas.  I was afraid you might not be able to come now.  There are dozens of things the children would like to have.  Ann has a little set of dishes and she doesn't play with them much.  A new set might be different though.  She has wanted beads to string--those big wooden ones that string on a shoe lace or heavy string.  She'd like a purse, or tinker toys.  Bob would love tools of any kind--not those fancy tool kits that they have for kids but a real pair of little pliers, or a little hand saw, little tape measure or he has always wanted a tractor with rubber treads so it could climb and he'd like tinker toys or krazy ikes or anything you want to get for him. 

I was late with Charlotte's birthday present, of course but couldn't do much else this week.  I finally got it mailed as I went after groceries.  B usually does the big shopping but I needed to get out of the house for a while so I did it today.

We have another crop of baby snails but only two of the last ones are still alive.  The big ones must eat them.

I have part of the fruit for a fruit cake but there aren't any pecans in the stores yet so I can't go ahead and make it.

I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving and wish we could be there, too."

                  Lots of love,


NOTE:  To the best of my knowledge, no one has any of the block print Christmas cards.  The images above are old postcards.

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