Thursday, October 25, 2012

May 3, 1953 The Cleaning Continues, The Screaming Continues, Flowers in Bloom, Freshly Plowed Fields and Watching the Ads

Bonnie & the Night-owl
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Here it is supper time and I haven't written my weekly letter.  Yesterday was so hectic that I never did get it written and I've cleaned in the living room all day.  B took the children to the park this morning and watched after them this afternoon so now the living room & dining room are all done except the floors and rug and getting the curtains up.  I'll wash and wax the floor and clean the rugs with Glamourene.  My venetian blinds look nice in the dining room but the drapes in there shrank about 10 inches so be sure and make big hems in yours.  I was lucky that I had big hems.

Yesterday I took Ann to the doctor for a check-up so I didn't get much else done.  She is still awake so much at night.  He said she is in perfect condition but he thinks it is her emotions some way that wake her.  She will probably grow out of it or we may be lucky and hit upon something that will stop her wakefulness.  Ann has had shots of some kind the last few times we've seen the doctor so she screamed an hour before he even looked at her.  Finally she went to sleep and he examined her then and talked to me.  I was pretty tired when I got home but we went up to Sorensen's for supper and had a nice time.  There are three (2 men & a woman) people from Pakistan going to school here and they cooked the supper.  It was all good and so different.

Last Saturday we went on our picnic and all had a wonderful time.  We went to a state park down by Decatur and although it was cool and so windy we were protected in the woods and weren't cold.  Flowers were in bloom everywhere and we walked over some of the trails.  It was wonderful.  We stopped in Decatur on the way home and looked at some pianos but there wasn't anything I wanted.  The dirt was blowing off the freshly plowed fields in such heavy clouds that we couldn't see to drive in spots.  We had to turn on our lights and just creep.  A real dust storm must be awful.

We are still watching ads for pianos.  We had thought we might drive to St. Louis some Saturday just for the day and follow up some of the ads but there hasn't been any time yet to do that.

School is out June 6th and it looks like we may come home for a few days.  B's mother is planning a reunion for Granny Gibson so we will probably come for that.

I'll try and get this mailed so bye for now."

                   Lots of love,


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  1. That photo is so, so heartwarming beautiful. I can't help but think it must be amongst your favourites (it's certainly amongst mine that you've shared with us).

    ♥ Jessica


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