Saturday, October 27, 2012

June 27, 1953 Up and Down the Stairs, Loads of Good Food, The Open Space, The Turtles and The Hot Time in Chicago

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"At last I have started with my sewing.  I made Ann a dotted swiss pinafore this week and have sewed a little on my navy nylon that I cut so long ago.  B helped me carry the machine downstairs so I could sew while Ann played out mornings so it isn't so hard now since I don't have to run up and down the stairs.  When I get my sewing caught up we can take it upstairs again.

Our big department picnic is over and was a great success.  We planned for 85 and had loads of good food.  I was exhausted it was over but got a nap today so feel better now.

Bobby has his first tooth out and another one is loose.   He is so proud of the open space.  We can barely see the new tooth but the baby tooth came out while he was playing and we don't know when or where he lost it.  You never saw such a happy kid when he discovered it was gone.

Two of the turtles are still doing fine.  The kids dig worms for them and keep them watered.

I hunted up the bread recipe for Maxine ages ago but can't find time to copy it off.  I will get it done one of these days but she couldn't make bread now anyway.  It is too big a job--especially when it is so hot.

We've had a wonderful rain so it is cool again.  Wish you had some of it.

Yes, I know Marjorie & Francis had new cars.  Marjorie's anyway was new.  I didn't ask Francis about his.

Chicago was the hottest place I've seen in a long time but we had a real nice time.  The children were so good.  We took them to a big dime store for their treat.  I bought some paints in an art store.  Then B went to Allied Radio for a few minutes.  He traded his old camera which wouldn't work for some other camera equipment that he wanted and then we spent the rest of the time hunting a piano but couldn't find a thing.  I never saw such awful pianos and such terrible prices.  We'll just keep looking for a little longer.  I've run out of news and paper too so bye for now."

                         Lots of love,


NOTE:  The annual summer visits to Richland were not complete until we had gathered several box turtles to bring home.  They were easy to care for, fun to watch, lived happily inside or out, and were relatively clean.  Their diet consisted of worms, lettuce and an occasional cricket.


  1. Good morning dear Ann,

    I just love the curve hugging elegance of that classic 50s daywear dress. I'd wear it in a heartbeat for sure.

    How cute that you used to keep turtles! My list of pets over the years has been pretty tame (cats, dogs, and fish), but I certainly wouldn't say no to a turtle that needed a home :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Turtles are abundant in the summer time, often found ambling across the road and always very easy to pick up.

  2. I remember a childhood friend of my son's Sam lost a tooth while playing in our backyard. The 3 of us hunted everywhere for that tooth but it was never found. I gave Sam a small coin from the Tooth Fairy and he went home happy.

  3. Given that the older we get, the more dental work we have, I think there should be a tooth fairy for adults.

  4. Dad used to bring turtles home for Bob and I in WV. Guess we'll have to find some for Bobby and Nyla to continue the tradition!


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