Tuesday, October 2, 2012

July 5, 1952 Getting A Thrill, Ordering Blinds, Avoiding the Measles and Cutting the Drapes

The drapery material included in the letter

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It has been a rather quiet fourth but there has been more noise from fireworks since supper than all day.  Bobby took a long nap so he could stay up tonight.   He had some sparklers and the children next door had quite an assortment of fireworks so we shot them all together.  Bobby really got a thrill out of it.

We went to Peoria for a little while yesterday and I found material for my dining room drapes.  I'll try to remember to send you a piece.  I'm going to order Venetian blinds for the two windows in the living room to replace my glass curtains.  I'm tired of stretching curtains--especially when I have to borrow stretchers all the time.  I'll use my old drapes with the blinds.

Bobby has been sick this week but seems all right now except for being pale.  He got sick last Saturday and had such a fever.  We expected him to break out with the measles of course.  By Tuesday he still had fever but no measles so we called the Dr.  He said Bob's throat was sore enough to cause the fever.  He gave him another shot of the gamma globulin which is the measles serum in hopes that the two shots will give him a lasting immunity to the measles even if he doesn't break out as well as a protective against polio.  That is what they are using in Texas and Dr. Cline feels that it helps a lot.  He has been using it for some time.  He checked Ann too and she is fine.

I've cut my drapes tonight so it is late and I must go to bed.  I hope we get your letter tomorrow and that you are both fine."

                     Lots of love,



  1. Wow -gamma globulin was dangerous in those days, Hepatitis B and C waere sometimes transmitted that way. Thank science for good vaccines today!

  2. Perhaps it impacted one's ability to spell later in life!

  3. That would explain some things! I, of course, can blame genetics for my spelling inability.

  4. I had roseola and the chicken pox as a youngster, but believe I managed to bypass the measles. Were the vaccines enough to prevent Bobby from coming down with it? I certainly hope so, I hate to picture either of your guys sick with such an unpleasant illness when you were little (or now!).

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Hi Jessica! We had chicken pox and I'm not certain about measles, but probably we had them--I guess I'll have to wait until Mom writes about it to know for sure!

  6. Gosh I remember so many kids wore calipers as a result of Polio brought back from WWII. I had every childhood illness known to man. Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox, Rubella and Whooping Cough but luckily my sister and I never got Polio.

  7. Seems like colds and sore throats were the norm in our household. So glad we all escaped polio, and I know many who unfortunately did not. Like Bob says above, thank science for good vaccines! It's no fun for a kid to be sick, is it?


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