Sunday, October 28, 2012

July 4, 1953 Working in the Yard, Going on a Picnic, Dusting the Trike and Catching Butterflies

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It seems like Sunday--so quiet around.  I spend the morning working in the yard.  We've had so much wind lately with the rain that the yard was full of sticks.  The wind broke ten trees down in the park area and a boy scout from Normal was killed by lightning at the scout camp.  It seems like we've had a lot of really bad storms this spring.

Bob is going on a picnic with Button this afternoon so he's resting.  We will wait until they come home to have our sparklers.  That's about the extent of our fireworks.

I've been sewing this week and finally finished my navy nylon.  It is nice and I like it.  There was enough left over to make Ann a plain dress and I got it done too.  Yesterday I cut the light blue one for myself but haven't done anything else on it.

We went to Peoria Mon. afternoon to follow up some piano ads but everything was so high.  There was a real small upright that was several years old that we would have bought it if hadn't been so high.  They wanted $450. for it.  Isn't that silly?

Since Ann went barefooted in Richland we can't keep her shoes on.  She was sitting in the middle of a Peoria sidewalk the other day and had one shoe and one sock off before we could stop her.  She doesn't stop with her shoes, either.  Someone saw her pull of her pants and use them to dust off her tricycle the other day.   Our yard is full of kids most of the time--many of them we don't even know.  B counted 13 last night.

Bob still catches butterflies and he found one of the escaped turtles after being gone two weeks.  It had just gone across the alley.  There are still three of them.

Hope Daddy enjoys his free Saturday.  It must be a real treat to stay home on Sat."

                     Lots of love,


NOTE:   July, 1953 brought a slew of car ads to the magazines.  The first few pages of one issue of Time alone included these among others.  Take your pick; Studebaker, Lincoln, Ford, Cadillac or Willys.

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