Thursday, October 4, 2012

July 19, 1952 A Busy Week, A Big Time and A Little Aerial

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This has been such a busy week and not much news either.  There was a 3-day conference at school that kept B busy and then we asked Mrs. Wells to have supper here last night and the week has gone so fast.

School will be out in three weeks but I hope it won't be too hot.  We think we'll get up real early and get way down the road toward home before it does get real hot and traffic gets heavy.  That is the best time to travel.

We all really had a big time at the zoo.  Ann and Bob were so tired from walking but enjoyed every minute of it.  The zoo is almost as big as the one in St. Louis but is arranged nicer.  There were picnic areas and a playground for children and everything was so nice.

You won't need the radio cabinet until Xmas.  B may not get to touch it again until after we have been home and anyway that's to be your Xmas present--ha!  It did sound good, though.   He wants to figure out a way so Daddy can put a big aerial on top of the house if they can.  You won't have to have it but he thinks it would be better.

Toni is home.  She really had a time because the kids were sick most of the time she was gone.  Watty will be home in about 10 days, I think.

Hope you are both fine."

                      Lots of love,


"Not a big aerial on top of the house--just an outside aerial--B"

NOTE:  On July 19, 1952, Truman's mid-year economic report was a comprehensive and lengthy message to Congress.  Although he briefly addressed the menace of Communism, he also noted that favorable gains over 1951 had occurred in personal incomes, housing starts and retail sales among others.  Not surprising, the federal expenditures rose to 66 billion dollars due largely to purchases of goods and services for national security programs.

Also making headlines on July 19, 1952 was the report of UFOs by controllers at Washington National and Andrews Air Force Base.    For more information:


  1. OMG I can so relate to the cartoon :o) After 50+ years the shine has definitely worn off :o)

  2. I was encouraged that even in a 50's magazine like Good Housekeeping, housework wasn't always recognized as a treat!


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