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July 12, 1952 Enjoying Cool Weather, Staying at B's, Enjoying Books, Going to the Zoo and Acting Like Fools

Ann's favorite books, 1952 (Probably ate the covers)
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We have been enjoying wonderfully cool weather for several days now.  I have really worked to get my painting done while it is cool.  I finally finished the woodwork in the kitchen and it looks real nice--or will when I get the floor fixed.  I'm going to put a coat of plastic on the linoleum.  It gives a gloss that lasts about six months.  My dining room drapes are up at last and look real nice.  They are made of bark cloth.  It is cotton and washable.  We got our venetian blinds up in the living room and our pictures up so the house looks pretty nice.  I'm so sick of paint and the mess that goes with painting that we aren't doing anymore until fall.  Then we'll work on Ann's room.

I'm so glad you got a mixer.  I don't know how I would get along without it.  Keep it where you can use it for everything--makes wonderful mashed potatoes.

Sorensens will be home the week-end before school starts this fall.  He will teach geography at Normal.  I know they will be glad to be back for they had just finished a new home when they left and hadn't even got it completely furnished.  They just closed it up.

We'll probably be home for Ann's birthday.  I'm not quite sure when school is out but we talked about being in Mo. for her birthday.  She doesn't need dresses.  Eve gave me a lot of Kathy's and Rosalynn always gets her one at birthdays and Xmas so that is her good dress.  She will soon need sox--6 or 6-1/2 but I can't think of anything else.  I think we'll get her a doll buggy.  Don't worry about it for she really doesn't need anything.  She'd be happy with a book.  She's beginning to enjoy them.  She has her last two teeth now.  At least they are almost all the way through.

We will stay at B's this time because we stayed with you Christmas.  Then we'll be at your house again Christmas.  Where is the baby bed now, anyway?  I told Mabel she could have it for Sid but I thought maybe she hadn't needed it yet.

Bobby is fine again.  They can be so sick one day and well the next.  Toni is still gone so he misses Lynn.  If tomorrow is nice we are going to the zoo in Chicago for the day and take our lunch.  We haven't told them yet but we've talked about going all spring. 

You'd better get busy on your radio cabinet.  You'd be surprised how good your radio sounds even if it isn't all balanced or something.  I don't know what B calls it.  The space where the insides will be set has to be 13" x 13" at least.  Why don't you see about buying a ready-made cabinet.  You'd probably be more satisfied and it might not cost much more.

I wish we had television for the conventions.  We've been listening and don't they act like fools?  I told B it was no wonder other countries sometimes thought we were crazy.  Now that the republicans are almost thru with theirs I'm wondering what the Democrats will do.

Ann is up from her nap cross as a bear so I'll have to stop.  Hope you are fine."

                    Lots of love,


NOTE:  For a glimpse of both party's conventions:

Republicans: Democrats:

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