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July 10, 1953 The New Camera, The New Piano, The Scarce Gamma Globulin and The Blue Nylon

B's new camera, July, 1953
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"News is pretty scarce around here.  We did go to school two evenings this week and that's about all.  Woody Sorensen gave a lecture and showed some slides one night and then there was a play one night.

B took a roll of pictures this week but we don't know how they'll turn out.  We have a new camera and plan to take lots of pictures now.  Woody got it for B in New York.  Our old camera just didn't work right and we ruined some good film with it even after it was supposedly fixed.

B took a train to St. Louis this afternoon to see about a piano.  The store that had the piano we planned buy on our way home from your house had some advertised in Sunday's paper.  We wrote about them and got an encouraging answer so B went to take a look.  Of course, he may come back without buying a thing.  He is coming right back tonight.   Poor guy will be sleepy tomorrow but it was easier than driving alone and we didn't think we ought to take the children on such a hard trip.

They say that Gamma Globulin is scarce around here and I don't know of anyone who has had it.  I think they plan to give it only to exposed cases like members of a family where someone takes polio.  There has been only one light case here in Normal and Bloomington.

My light blue nylon is all finished but sewing on the buttons.  I've really been enjoying my navy nylon.

I think I'll go to bed so good-night.

                      Lots of love,


Sat. morning--B got home about 2:00 a.m. this morning.  He bought the piano.  It is a blond baby grand.  May be delivered next week.  We are all thrilled and I'll tell you about it after I see it."

NOTE:  B had a life long love of photography, and as you will soon observe, an artistic eye as well.  His Leica was used for over 20 years, and each of us, both kids and grandkids,  had an opportunity to use it as well.  It is still in excellent shape, including all of its original documentation.

Exciting mail this week which will be explained soon!

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