Thursday, October 18, 2012

January 30, 1953 Coughing and Blowing, Forgetting About Red Shoes, Produced Professionally and Really Needing It

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Here I sit in the middle of the dirt with nothing done.   In fact, I haven't done anything all week.   We have all had the flu and felt terrible.  We are still coughing and blowing but at least are up.  Today is the first day Bob has acted like himself all week but he is gay enough today.  Ann was so happy to see him up.  You would have thought he'd been gone the way they talked and laughed.  B has been going to school since Tuesday but gets tired easily.  Sorensens have brought our dinners every night for four nights and such nice food--even a baked duck one evening.  I can't ever repay them but it was so nice to have warm food every evening.

How are you both?  I hope you escape the flu.  Do you really feel better, Mother?   Can you walk better and get up better?

I haven't answered any of my Christmas letters.  I wanted to write to Aggie.  She wrote a play last summer and it was produced professionally.  She said it was a real thrill but didn't tell me whether it was a success or who played in it.

I'm still working on Bob's cowboy shirt.  It is going to be real pretty but I wish I'd gotten better material for it.  There is so much work on it.  I bought real nice cotton but is so light-weight.  It will be all right though, when it is finished.

I have ordered three different pairs of red shoes and none of them fit so I'm going to forget about red shoes for awhile.   Maybe we can go to Peoria one of these days.

Ladies Home Journal, Sept., 1952

B's mother sent Ann material for a dress and I got it cut out but that is all.  I want to finish the shirt first.  I still have the new sewing machine.  I hope he just lets me keep it.  It sews so much nicer than mine.

Phyllis is going to clean the house for me today.  It really needs it.

Take care of yourselves."

                    Lots of love,


NOTE:  For Eisenhower's inaugural address:

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