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January 10, 1953 Cheeks as Red as Apples, Clothes for Dolls, Maxine's Homemaking Challenges and The Third Degree

Roger, Bonnie's nephew, and Nosey
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is too cold and icy to go anywhere or do anything extra so we haven't done anything interesting this week.  We had a lot of snow and then a freezing rain on top of it so the walks and streets are really glazed.  The kids have had fun, though.  Bobby rushes home from school and grabs his sled.  He stays out until it is pitch dark and all the other kids have gone in.  He'll be cold and his cheeks as red as apples when he does come in but he loves it.  Ann still has her cold so she hasn't been out much.  I don't seem to get rid of my cold either but it doesn't bother me much. 

I've been making doll clothes for Bob to give to Lynn & Janis for their birthdays.  It is a bigger job than I supposed.  Janis Rine's birthday is the same day as his and Lynn's is four days later.

I had a letter from Bessie today.  She said Roger is still at home.  I meant to write her soon after we got home but never did.

Poor little Jeanie.  How is she now?  And poor Maxine, too.  Does she have a good cookbook or do you know?  If she would really follow it she wouldn't have so much trouble with her company meals.

Did the doctor give you any blood tests of any kind?  Maybe the shots are liver.  Did he say you were anemic?  Is your back stiff from arthritis?  Why was it so important that you drink milk?  You could mix it with powdered skim milk.  You could mix it with about half as much water & still get all the food value.  It would give you exactly what buttermilk does.  A pint of water and 3/4 cup of powdered skim milk would give you the same food value of a qt. of buttermilk.  Starlac is the brand we have used and if the grocery store didn't have it the drugstore probably does.  If this Dr. doesn't help you go to someone else or maybe you can come to visit us and go to my doctor.  I hope you are feeling better all ready.  I think lots of rest will do you as much good as lots of pills so forget the dirt and try resting for awhile.

It seems like months since we were home but the kids still talk about something they did at Grandad's every day."

                   Lots of love,


Good news

NOTE:  On January 15, 1953, Truman gave his farewell address to the nation.  Although lengthy, it is a good summarizing statement of his years in office and the relevant issues with which he dealt during his presidency.  To read the speech:

To hear the speech:

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