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February 28, 1953 The Beautifully Shining Sun, The Beginning Exercises, The Refitted Suit, The Promise of a Piano and Setting the Barn on Fire


Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The sun is shining beautifully but we've had so much wind lately that it has been bitter cold.  I will be so glad when spring comes and we can all get outside.  Bobby is sniffling again this morning but I just hope it is not another cold.  I've had a sore throat all week and just dragged around but I feel better today and  my throat isn't so sore.  I guess I should have gone for more penicillin but don't want to take too much of it.

We are still having beginning exercises in our watercolor class and haven't done any real painting yet but I'm enjoying it a lot.

I've sewed on my suit quite a lot this week since I could sit and do that and it didn't take much energy.  It is about ready for the lining and I think it will be nice.  It would have been done but I used a big pattern and had to refit it after I thought it was all fitted.  I should have known better than to use a 14.  I still haven't found my coat material.

I'm sorry about Mrs. Kreitzer but if she was so bad all the time it is lots better that way.  I'll try to send Maxine a card if I can get out to get one.  I thought I had one but just had birthday cards left.

I do hope this doctor can help you.  When you didn't tell me much about what he said or why he came to the house I was afraid you were in really bad shape.

Don't worry about my birthday.  There isn't anything I need.  B told me he'd buy me a piano for my birthday if we could find a used one I liked.  So I think we'll wait until we can go to Chicago or St. Louis and see what we can find.  I know the children and I would have a lot of fun with one.  I could play enough to play their little songs and I want Bobby to take lessons.  We'd have to have a small one because we haven't much room and since moving would be a problem.

I'm so sorry about the barn but why in the world did Daddy have a live flame on his cap?  Throw that old cap away.  It could have been his clothes instead of the barn.

I've had a little more help this semester.  Phyllis--our regular sitter--has been cooking the evening meal and cleaning up the dishes for her supper.  She doesn't know a lot about cooking but catches on quickly and does real well.  It is really nice to have the dishes done.  I didn't mind doing them but I hated having to go back to do them after I put the kids to bed.  I was usually in the kitchen until almost 8:00.

Hope you both feel good.  Take care of yourselves."

                   Lots of love,


Included in the letter, but no explanation

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