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February 21, 1953 The Intestinal Kind, The Women's Club, The Missed Bargains and The Thrill of a Restaurant

Bonnie's bargain gloves

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"There isn't much to write for there hasn't been much going on.  It has rained a lot the last two days and has been warm out but is supposed to really be cold tomorrow.  The flu is still going strong.  Toni and her family have had the intestinal kind and now Bobby has it.  He is better today and hasn't been very sick any of the time.  He stayed home from school yesterday & today but will be all right before Monday.

I went to the Women's Club meeting of our church Wed. night.  The program was on religious music.  The speaker is a professor of music and he took songs from our church song book, talked about them and their differences and had the group sing them.  It was a good program.

Yesterday was Dollar Day in Bloomington but I had only the noon hour to shop so most of the bargains were gone.  I did get a good beige hat for $2 and some gloves.  I bought a pair of cloth ones for $1 in brown and gave $2 for some beige ones.  They are lovely gloves and if I'd had time to dig through the pile I'd have some black ones.

Ann's dress is finished and I've done some work on my suit.  I think it will be nice.

We went to Decatur last Saturday.  We shopped around and then ate in a restaurant which really thrilled the kids.   It was late afternoon when we got home but we had such a good time.  We had never shopped there before.

Is your new medicine helping you any?  Why did the Dr. have to see you at home?  Couldn't you go to the office?  I've asked you that 3 times.

We thought we'd have some pictures of the children for you but they haven't come yet.  Maybe we'll have them to send next week."

                             Lots of love,


NOTE:  Bonnie's mention of a church "song book" reminded me of a gift she received from the Sorensen's collection long ago.  See below, noting book title and title page.


  1. Do you still have Bonnie's bargain gloves Ann?
    Very smart indeed with the bow at the wrist.
    I love the play on words on the inside cover written by the Sorensen's.

  2. Yes, the gloves pictured were given to Bonnie's granddaughter for dress-up play years ago. Miraculously, they survived! I like the songbook, too--I guess even 100 years ago kids "edited" their books. As always, thanks so much for reading!


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