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December 6, 1952 The Measles, Granny is Better and The Washer is on the Blink

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Here I sit in my pajamas in the middle of a very dirty house.  We got up about 7:30 but got to looking at the pictures we took when Bob was a baby.  We're ashamed we haven't taken more of Ann and won't get any done before Xmas.

Toni called me to come look at David and sure enough he has the measles.  We thought all of us were safe from them now.  Ann was a little sick last Sunday and although she never had a rash or any of the old measles symptoms we think she has had the measles. Let's hope so anyway for David was kissing her yesterday.

We're planning to go to church tomorrow but Bob is fussing about it again.  We can't get him back to Sunday school after missing a few times.

We have had a good snow and Bobby had so much fun but a hard rain took it off in a hurry.

Granny Gibson is much better and she is out of the hospital and back at Aunt Ione's now.  They had started home to Kansas City when she just got sick but got only a few miles and had to be back.

Toni plans to give me a permanent Tues. night.  Now that Dave has the measles we may have to change that but I hope not.  I told her to buy me an extra permanent and I'll bring it to you.  It will cost you only about 1.50, I think & is a $15. permanent.  Beulah and I will give it to you while we're home.  Beulah can borrow curlers, can't she?  If not, Toni says I can bring hers.

My heart aches for David & his family.  He told B long ago that he thought he had diabetes but I guess they didn't know how bad off he was.   We have so much to be thankful for.

Our washer has gone on the blink & has to have a new motor.  It has a guarantee, though and won't cost us a thing except for having it put in--about 7.50.  Then the machine will be like new & have another 5 yr. guarantee.  They are supposed to come today.

I've got to get dressed before they do come so we'll be seeing you soon.  B planned to send a template for the radio cabinet but I don't know whether he got it made or not.  If Daddy has it cut then the radio can be slipped into the cabinet & turned on."

                Lots of love,


 NOTE:  This is the last letter of 1952, but I will update if I find the missing letter.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!  Thanks for reading and I can assure you that a big adventure is coming for the family in the summer of '53!

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