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August 28, 1952 Back to Normal, A Hectic Week, It Wasn't So Bad, Seeing the Doctor and A Lug of Plums

Ann turned 2 in Richland
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This has been a hectic week but we have got a lot done.  The floors are finished and really look nice.  They are the color of your floors now but I know there were at least a dozen coats of varnish on them.  It was such an awful job we were foolish to ever start it.

Mrs. Wells moved to a nicer house today (she has been living in the school's barracks for veterans) and we have kept her little boy most of the week so she could work.  Bobby has really had a good time and the little boy was good too so it wasn't bad.

Peaches are still cheap and plentiful but I haven't canned any yet.  I did can a lug of prune plums today.  They are so easy to do.

I saw Dr. Ball again this afternoon.  I had talked to him on the phone after we got back and he had changed my medicine a little and wanted to see me. The diet didn't help my face at all so I don't have to bother with that.  I had more blood tests today and a hormone shot.  He thinks my hormones may be off balance but can't be sure until we do some more checking.  It will be a month or so before we can tell whether it is that or not.  He gave me a cream for my face too which may help.  It is sort of a powder base and helps cover the blemishes while they heal.

I finally got a letter written to Beulah but she hasn't had time to answer.

B just found a radio cabinet advertised in a radio magazine & I'll send it (the ad) if I can remember it.  We left that magazine that had those cabinets pictured at your house, I guess.  Save it for us if you have it around there.

Your refrigerator sounds very nice.  I'd rather have the 11 foot box without the automatic defrost as the 10 ft. with it.  You can buy the defrost clocks for about $10. anyway.  Toni has been telling me about them."

                       Lots of love,

The baby book entry

B's photo, taken for his sister, 5 Generations in Richland, August, 1952  (B's Grandmother, Parents, Sister and her children and their children)


  1. Look at you Ann :o) I guess that's your baby book too? Lovely photos.

  2. Oh gosh--I was brave to post that picture and I prefer the earlier baby pictures:-) Yes, that's the baby book. Your comments are always so fun. Thanks so much!


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