Tuesday, October 30, 2012

August 1, 1953 Looks Like A Lot, Leaves A Lot, Lots of Shots, Passports, The Traveling Turtles and The Midnight Piano

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is so hot here we can hardly move but we're getting a lot done anyway.  At least it looks like a lot but still leaves a lot to do.  B took a carload of things to Sorensen's attic and there will be more to go.  I've tried to do most of my shopping from catalogs which has helped a lot.  We finished with the dentist today and have only one more visit to the doctor for shots.  That will be next Wed. and will finish the 10 shots for B and me and 9 for the children.  Bobby hasn't cried a single time and Ann has cried just since she had to have the penicillin shots.  It took two of them to get rid of her sore throat but she's fine now and we were lucky the doctor caught it before she was really sick.  The doctor checked them more carefully than I ever saw him and I always thought he was thorough.  Then he took over an hour and talked to us about medicine to take with us and how to treat various ailments for both the children and us.  He has really been wonderful to us and we really appreciate all he has done.  It has saved us a lot of time and trouble by giving all of us the shots. 

Our passports came today.  B went to Chicago on the train Tues. and applied for them and then went to the Japanese Consulate about our visas.  We should appear in person for the visas but they told him to send all the papers registered and they'd waive that regulation and mail us the visas.  We could have bought only one but decided to get two.  B has one and I have one with the children.  They are used for identification and Woody thought it a good idea for us to each have one since B would be gone to school part of the day or maybe need to make side trips.

Our house isn't rented yet but we've had some inquiries and hope to rent it before long.  We took my machine to Edna and will just leave the washer and dryer in the basement.

I finally convinced Bobby that the turtles would be happier if he turned them out.  The boys had built a good big pen for them but had lost their keen interest.  After they turned them out one of them came back every night.  Three of them have been found in the neighborhood so I know they are still around.  The kids all are thrilled when they discover where one it. 

Bobby and Ann are both so thrilled about our trip.  It means a lot to Bobby.  He is really saving pennies but says he won't spend a bit of it for the boat tickets.

If we can find a book we can borrow we'll bring it home when we come.  B has been reading some library books on Japan but we can't bring them.  Woody may have one we can borrow.

I don't think I could get a dress made for Ann.  I have no idea how long we'll get to be home and there is too much to do between now and then.  She has two nylons and maybe can make out with those.  She could use some nylon underwear though (size 2) or just give her a little money.  One pair of pants would be plenty.  Don't get any more.

Our piano came at midnight last Friday night.  A crazy time to deliver a piano!  It is a beautiful piano though and I like it more and more.  The wood is real light and it is in good shape.  A music teacher has inquired about our house.  I hope he takes it for he'd take care of the piano.

I'll write you as soon as we know when we'll be home."

                    Lots of love,


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