Wednesday, October 24, 2012

April 25, 1953 Planning to Picnic, Still Cleaning, Prescribing Drugs and Planning to Write

Bonnie picnicking in 1943
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It seems so strange that we could have so much snow one day and have real warm weather the next day.  I guess our weather has been about like yours.  We had hard rain this morning and it is to be colder tomorrow.  We plan to take the children on a picnic tomorrow and they will be terribly disappointed if it rains.

I'm still cleaning house and not making much progress.  When it got so cold again I had to change my plans for I'd hoped to paint Bob's room next and of course have to wait now until I can open the windows.  I finished cleaning the upstairs hall and have started on the dining room.  Wards had a sale on Venetian blinds so I got them for the dining room and want to get them up soon.  I have one wall and the ceiling cleaned but there's a lot of woodwork to wash before I can put up the blinds.  My drapes have so much soot on them that I'm going to wash them.  They have about a ten inch hem so I'll take it out first for I know they'll shrink a lot.

My watercolor class met for the last time last night.  It has been so much fun and I hope I can find the time to keep on working at it a little now that I have the paint and brushes.

Thanks for the green stamps.  We save every one.

I'm so sorry you can't find any relief, Mother.  Watty's mother has arthritis of the spine and looked terrible this winter and had so much pain.  Toni took her to a doctor here that Dr. Ball suggested and he gave her some medicine which he called a muscle relaxer.  She is a different woman--looks and feels so much better.  The medicine is called Tolserol, tablets.  Ask McGinty about it.  Maybe he hasn't thought of them and maybe it would help you.

We don't know yet what we'll do in June.  Eve insists we come to Alabama but we don't know yet.

Your dress material is very pretty.  I've really worn my suit hard.  Eve gave Ann a nice snow suit (coat and leggings) which will be perfect next fall.  It is really too big for her now but she could wear it if I hemmed up the sleeves.  She really needs a light coat, I guess but the weather has been too cold for just a coat or too hot for one.

B had a real nice birthday and the card you sent was beautiful.  We all appreciate the Mirror.

What happened at the Stoutland school board election?  We read a little about it in the Post.

I've been planning to write to Buddy & Bessie and ask them to come for a weekend but wanted to finish cleaning first.  Seems like once you start, the house is torn up until you're thru.  I wish you and Daddy could come."

                            Lots of love,


NOTE:  Anyone who has been to a flea market has likely seen many of these picnic baskets.   They were manufactured by the Redmon Co. of Peru, Indiana as "Red-man" Quality Baskets, sporting an Indian logo on the inside.   We still use it but I really wish we had the metal one seen in the photo above.

The family picnic basket, 1950

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