Wednesday, October 24, 2012

April 18, 1953 Snow, Rain and Hail, The Purple Satin Costume, Almost Supper Time and I'll Just Stop

April snow, B's slide, 1953
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I thought it was spring and started cleaning house but it has snowed, rained and hailed since I started.  Ann's room is all finished now and the only thing left to do in the bathroom is to wash the curtains.  We had decided not to do any painting for another year even though the children's rooms looked pretty bad.  So I washed Ann's walls and ceiling and they were so terrible that I ended up by painting them which didn't take long.  I found some cream semi-gloss and a tube of rose pigment in the basement so I mixed a beautiful pale rose.  It matches the flowers in her curtains perfectly and the room looks entirely different.  Ann says it is so "putty".  Now I have to paint Bob's room to keep peace in the family but I don't think I'll have to buy paint for it either.

Last night was the faculty women's dinner and it was nice.  Edna's talk was so good and she showed colored slides.  She had a table full of jewelry and different types of craft work the Pakistan people had given them or that they had bought.  She wore a costume of purple satin trimmed in gold thread which she had a native tailor make for her.  It was like one his own wife wore.  It consists of a tunic like blouse that comes almost to the knees and big loose trousers.  Then the cloak part is a tent-like affair with peep holes which the women wear when they are out on the street. 

It is snowing again and Bob has been planning to go out to pick violets.  That's the nearest thing to spring that we have around here.

It is almost supper time now but maybe I can finish this.  It has snowed all day long and is so cold.

Your letter didn't come this morning and there isn't much news to write so I'll just stop."

                Lots of love,


NOTE:  On April 17, 1953, a bit of baseball history was made when Mickey Mantle hit the run home that become known as the tape measure home run.  Use the link for the full story:

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