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April 11, 1953 The Children in the Basement, Finish or Ravel, Cleaning House When the Sun Shines and A Hard Day in Carbondale

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"After weeks of rain we got desperate and B made a sand table for the children in the basement.  They are down there now and I can write until they get in a fight, at least.  If the sun doesn't start shining soon we're all going to be goofy.  Yesterday was grand but it turned cold again last night.

McCall's, Feb., 1953
Did the pearls really fit right?  I hunted and hunted before I found something which I thought would fit your neck.  I hope they do.  I'll send you the bit about nylon from the catalog and a scrap of mine if I think of it.  It think it is nice.  The nylon is certainly wonderful since it doesn't have to be ironed.  You do have to finish the seams or they ravel badly.  I plan to French seam the navy that I have cut.

How are you now, Mother?  You still can't go to church?  Do you think you are better?

I plan to start cleaning house next week if the sun shines.   It is going to be a real job but Phyllis will help me.  It looks like next week is going to be a busy one, too.  B has several meetings and the Mothers' Club meets Wed. night.  Then Thurs. night is the Faculty Women's annual spring dinner.  Edna Sorensen is going to talk so I feel that should I go even if I do have to miss my painting class that night.

B is taking a carload of students to an all-day meeting in Carbondale, Ill. tomorrow.  They are leaving about 4:00 in the morning.  It is about 250 miles so it is going to be a hard day."

                       Lots of love,



NOTE:  All images from McCall's, 1953, chock full of tips for the busy homemaker!

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