Monday, May 14, 2012

September 23, 1947 The Peculiar Day, The Busy Man, The Lost Pictures and The Red Striped Feedsacks

The red striped feedsacks were used in this quilt, and for the dress.
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This has been the most peculiar day.  The wind blew furiously all night and it has been gloomy today with the sun trying to come out once in a while.  It has rained hard several times and now it is cold but was warm when we got up. Yesterday was cloudy and dreary so we stayed home and read most of the day. 

Saturday was a wonderful, crisp day and I had to wear my coat to Hartford to the Dr.  We did a little shopping and B had his picture taken for the college yearbook.  I had to wait so long to see the Dr. that it was after six before we got home.  He certainly is a busy man.  I'm getting along fine.

Yearbook, 1947 image courtesy of CCSU Digital Images

I haven't been doing much of anything.  I did make a wrap-around out of those red striped sacks you gave me so long ago.  It looks real nice. 

The Richards came over Wednesday evening to see some color pictures we took of their house.  They turned out real well and Richards were quite thrilled over them.  We took some color pictures when we were in Washington but I guess they must be lost for we never did get them back from Eastman after they were sent to be developed.  We're sick about it for we'll never be able to replace them.  B has written about them but we haven't heard yet.

We're still having lots of tomatoes and I made another quart of preserves but now that it is close to frost-time they will probably soon be gone.

B has to go to Hartford this afternoon to see a man about some teaching materials for one of his classes but I didn't want to go.

How is the house coming along?  Which lot did you sell and how much more do you plan to sell?

How does Charlotte like school?  I keep thinking I'll hear from Beulah but I guess she has been too busy.  I guess they are all settled again after their moving.

Hope you're both fine."

               Lots of love,

                     B & Bonnie

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