Tuesday, May 15, 2012

October 6, 1947 The Perfect Day, Far From Glamorous, The Pictures Arrived and Pear Honey

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This is a perfect day if there is such a thing--so warm and sunny.  I just came back from the P.O. and had your letter which is a nice surprise.  It usually comes Tues. or Wed.

Monday is my day for doing a lot of little things so I've been just fiddling around.  I washed that blue dress for the first time.  It fits better every day.  Ha!  My figure is far from glamorous but I don't look as bad as I always imagined I would.  The back support makes me look bigger too.  The time has gone real fast but when I look back it seems like a long time.  I feel so good most of the time and I try to take a walk every day.  Then I always rest after dinner.  I have had a head cold but it didn't make me feel so bad and didn't get into my throat for the first time in years.  Maybe I took better care of myself than I usually do though.

Yesterday was a lovely day too so we drove into New Britain and did a little shopping.  B has to have a top coat so we're on the lookout for one.

We are planning to go to New Haven Saturday and have my tooth x-rayed.  Dr. January said it wouldn't hurt me to have it fixed.

We want to go to New York for a day before too long and if we do I'll look for you a pocketbook.  What style would you prefer and how much can I spend?

We sent Beulah candy for her birthday but were late doing it so I haven't heard from her.  I wish I had a fried peach pie from her peaches.  And your pear honey sure sounds good.

Our pictures finally came and are pretty good.  We were so glad to get them.

My back bothers me very little now.  It wasn't a catch but the sacroiliac--the hip-spine joint.  Extra pressure and weight was too much strain.  The Dr. said it would leave by itself but quicker with a support.  It is a common ailment.  The stairs aren't bad for they aren't steep and are divided into three short flights.

Won't it be nice if you can be in your own home for Xmas?  I wish we could come home this year but that is out of the question.  Maybe next year.

You better lay off that heavy work for a while and get rested.  Hope Daddy is fine."

               Lots of love,

                     B & Bonnie

NOTE from Ann:  In the news, the Yankees, 5 -- Brooklyn Dodgers, 2 in the final game to win the World Series.

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