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May 13, 1947 Wishing for a Picnic, Inflation, Waiting for the Spirit and B Trades

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Today is the first real warm day we've had so I've been out in the sun most of the afternoon.  The windows are open for it is really warmer out than inside.  Yesterday was nice too but a little cooler.  We drove down to the shore after dinner and took a long walk in a state park.  Lots of picnickers were out.  We wished we had taken our supper.

While I think of it--I found a buckle like mine but they are 1.00 now instead of .75.  Will you give that much or would you be satisfied with a smaller one?  Your belt would have to be pretty narrow.

I'm so glad you are feeling better and sleeping better.  If you can sleep that means a lot.

Why are you putting a garden out on the new place when you're having one in town?  Do you expect to have the house built by late summer?  That would be pretty fast work, seems to me.  I'm glad you have the deed and will be glad when all the papers are cleared.  Your house plans are very nice and I know the house will be pretty.  There is no reason why you shouldn't like it unless you just decide not to.

Aggie has been cleaning house but the weather has been so awful that I haven't even wanted to clean anything.  Now that it is getting warm maybe I'll get the spirit too.

I have all the afghan blocks crocheted and am ready to put the black on.  It shouldn't take long to finish it and I'll be so glad to have it out of the way.

B traded his camera plus a little money for a new Eastman camera which takes the same type pictures as the old one.  He tried to trade in New York but no one would have his old camera--they have all had too much trouble with that kind.  A man in Hartford traded with him.

There isn't any news so bye for now.  I hope the candy got there and that you had a nice day yesterday."

                Lots of love,

                       B & Bonnie

B & Bonnie's Picnic Gear

NOTE from Ann:   On May 13, 1947 the U.N. General Assembly appointed a Committee on Palestine in order to study what was generally referred to as "the Palestine problem".  After WWII, Palestine experienced on-going, large-scale Jewish immigration, largely from Eastern Europe and by 1947, the Jewish population in Palestine had reached 30%.  Palestinian demands for independence were growing as was the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Bonnie was well-read on this issue and always followed the political news closely.  For more details:

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