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June 9, 1947 Finally Sun, Rained Out, Slow and Ashamed, Scarce and High, Walk Jerry Walk and Strawberry Jam

Teachers College of Connecticut campus (image courtesy of CCSU Digital Collection)
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The sun has finally decided to shine again.  For three days it has poured rain and we're all so tired of it.  From what the paper says I guess the rivers all are raging.  There have been so many bad storms over the country this past week. 

The faculty picnic was planned for Saturday but we were rained out.  Since it rained again yesterday we finally took our food to one of the dormitory dining rooms and had supper.  It was just as much fun as going to the beach.  It has been too cold to go to the beach anyway.  We've had to have heat in the house.

This is exam week at the college so B is home this morning.  He is working on the car radio.  He gives one test this afternoon and the rest tomorrow.  He has worked hard getting his term papers all graded so when he gets the exams graded his work will be finished for this term.

There is a tea for the seniors Wednesday afternoon and that will be the last social function of the year that we will attend--except the graduation exercises.

We still plan to leave for home next Tuesday, the 17th.  This is one time we won't have to hurry so it will probably be Friday before we see you or sometime the last of the week.

I'm still struggling with the afghan but hope to finish it before we start home.  It was a great relief when B's mother wrote that the Bazaar would be in August.  I'm ashamed that I've been so slow with it.

I hope Grandma is better.  She seems to be having a long siege of it this time.  Tell her I'll come to see her as soon as I can after we get home.

How I'd like to get some of those strawberries you talk about!  I'd like to make some jam.  They are still scarce and high here.  We got a quart once for .39 but they are .49 now.

Bill Rollins is the teacher from Maine.  He bought a house so his family is coming in July.  He can hardly wait.  You are thinking of Billy Young from Springfield.  We haven't heard for him in a long time.

Yearbook, 1947, Image courtesy of CCSU Digital Collection

Jerry just isn't ready to walk yet or he'd walk.  That is one thing you can't teach them to do and if Beulah checks with her baby book she'll see that a year is a little early--12 to 15 to 18 months is usual.

Yes, I got me some material--a blue wash crepe and a black crepe.   The wash crepe is .98 now.  I'll bring them along and maybe make them while we're home.  I got some white muslin for that green and white quilt top too.  Maybe the Marys and Marthas will quilt it sometime.

We'll see you soon so I won't write again unless we have to change our plans."

                    Lots of love,

                          B & Bonnie

At least one family wants a sewing machine!

NOTE from Ann:  Storms causing significant damage were widespread in June of 1947.   A record was set in Holt, Missouri having had 12" of rain in 42 minutes.  For interesting weather data on June storms of 1947:

Best Strawberry Jam

Crush 4 c. prepared fruit--about 2 qts. berries, and put in large pan.  Add 7 c. sugar and mix well.  Put on high heat.  Bring to full rolling boil.  Boil hard for 1 min., stirring constantly.  Turn off heat.  Stir in 1/2 bottle fruit pectin immediately.  Skim off foam with metal spoon.  Stir & skim for 5 min.  Put in glasses and cover at once with 1/8" hot paraffin.  

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